SCMC Events for 2018!

SCMC Events

The SCMC 2018 schedule has just been completed. Please check the calendar page for a complete list of events. Be sure to check our Facebook page as well for more immediate updates.

June 2o-July 18-Aug 15-Sept 19ra ra's

May 22-June 26-Aug 28-Sept 28bozarh moose lodge

June 19-July 17-Aug 21navy housing

Aug 1-Sept 5-Oct 3waterford lowes

July 14ledyard rotary

July 29thcruies to survive

June 24July29Aug 12Sept 23roadhouse

Aug 12roadhouse




larry's auto

st. augustine church car cruise

groton town police

daniel walsh car show

timeless 3 car show

karz on the flats

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