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Sharon and Rebecca Parkos

1969 GT Sportsroof

Becky Parkos 1969 MachI

My mom Sharon and I currently own this 1969 GT Sportsroof.  It was owned previously by my dad Joseph Parkos, but he passed away from lung cancer shortly after its 4 year restoration by E-Muscle of Portland, CT. It is a one of one GT with its Marti report. It used to be lime gold and is an automatic with a factory tachometer. Its other weird option was that it had an extra heavy duty cooling package on its engine (it was used to tow boats- it came with a trailer hitch). We tried to restore it ourselves, but it was too big of a job. We turned it over and we ended up tastefully resto-modding it. It has Dakota gauges, TMI interior, a Thumpr cam, Doug’s Headers, Flowmaster exhaust, a rim-blow steering wheel, and a fold-down rear seat. It has the original 351 4v engine that has been bored over. The coup de grâce is the paint job however, it is painted a Ford Fusion/Explorer color called Darkside. It is a dark green that shines green in sunlight, with lots of sparkles, but also shifts to blue or black in other shades of light! One woman at a car show remarked it reminded her of a Colorado night sky…. My dad and I drove it to Carlisle the day it got out of restoration, no shake down cruise needed, it ran like a top!  My dad went for his last ride in his beloved Mustang when we took his ashes to the cemetery in his car. Today my mom and I show it in his honor.