President’s Corner

SCMC President's Corner


SCMC President's Corner

December, 2019

Hello gang;

Mother Nature has now made it impossible for us to really enjoy our Mustangs on a daily basis. The season’s first snow is now on the ground and we won’t get to run our Mustangs on a regular basis until spring which at the moment seems far away. But now is the time to do the routine maintenance to have them ready for spring. This is also a good time for any modifications you wanted to do. Doing modifications now will allow you to enjoy your Mustang more in the warmer months. I suppose winter does have its advantages.   The monthly meetings are the time that SCMC members get together to discuss the past season’s events and hope to improve on them. More things are being discussed for the upcoming 2020 season. Please note that the December meeting has been canceled and the next meeting will take place on January 18th. December’s meeting was canceled due to the fact that it is close to the Christmas Holiday and it is important to spend time with loved ones and friends. Remember that while traveling please be safe as we want to see you all at the next meeting or event.

   On November 19th members Chris and Melissa Cann, Leon Lefevre and myself went to Hartford for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Donors Reception and presented them with this years fundraising efforts. Thanks to everyone involved SCMC was able to present CCMC with $4,250.00. This will go a long way to helping the families that utilize the CCMC services.

See you at the next meeting,



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