President’s Corner

SCMC President's Corner


SCMC President's Corner

January, 2022

Hello gang;

   Even though winter is in full swing the weather still kind of feels like fall which is perfectly fine by me. It does allow for an occasional drive in your favorite ‘Stang to keep those vital fluids moving. I like to believe that it will be spring before we know it and that means for me that I have to get going on those things Mustang related that need to be done. Still have to figure out the transmission leak on the ’77 Cobra II and try to find the time to get the ’78 King Cobra ready for its rebuild. As far as the ’77 goes I believe it might be a shifter shaft seal but still have to verify. Will keep you updated and might have a how to article about it also.

   With the 2023 season coming soon if anyone has any event information that you think the members would like to know about please send them to me so they can be put on the website calendar. You can send it to and I will be sure to add it.

   As you all know Bob Loiselle who served as Vice-President of the club for many years passed away in December. I am now looking for someone to fill his position and would like your help in making that decision. If anyone has an idea for a qualified candidate please email me so they can be considered for the position. Please remember that a member has to have attended at least six out of the last twelve events to be eligible.

Stay safe and healthy,



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