President’s Corner

SCMC President's Corner


SCMC President's Corner

April, 2021

Hello gang;

Well April is finally here and that means only one thing, Cruising season is here! Unlike the past twenty years SCMC will not be holding the season opener at Auto Zone Groton this year. The officers are planning for the regular season events at this time. With things looking to be brighter for 2021 they are still planning for safe events which will be looked at on a monthly basis. There are also lots of other organizations that are planning shows so there will be lots to do if things keep going well moving forward. For listings on some of those events as well as our own please go to or to and go to the calendar link.

   As you all know I have had a run issue with my 1977 Cobra II. It suddenly did not want to idle or run smoothly as well as not go into gear. I have figured out the problem. Turns out the spark plugs got fouled out which caused the engine to miss fire and run rough. I installed a fresh set of plugs and the Cobra runs well again. As for the transmission I decided to siphon out the transmission fluid and start over refilling it. I took out one and a half quarts and slowly started to add new fluid while checking the level. I did this thinking that there was too much fluid in the transmission which could cause it to not move. It turns out that it might have been low on fluid because I found that the front pump seal for the converter is leaking. Now I have to replace the seal which will be “fun”. I will let you know how that goes. That sounds like a ‘Mustang How To” article. I guess I will be busy.

   I am hoping for a very successful season and can not wait to see everyone again. It has been way to long. The first SCMC cruise night is scheduled for May 15th at “The Center of Montville” starting at 5 pm. I hope to see you all there and all our show friends as well.

See you all soon,



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