President’s Corner

SCMC President's Corner


SCMC President's Corner

June, 2020

Hello gang;

Well here we are again still wondering when all this madness is going to end. I know everyone is getting anxious to get back to normal. I see and hear all the time are there any shows going on, when are we going to start having events and so on. While I for one would love to go to shows and see friends it is impossible at this time. Things are starting to look better and your officers are monitoring state and local regulations on a monthly basis to determine when we can finally get back to some kind of normal. The officers held a meeting in late May to better see where we are and where we can go moving forward. The officers understand that everyone wants to be back to normal but there are many things we need to consider before we can make those decisions. It was decided that the June cruise night would be canceled after a long discussion based on the facts we had at that time. Right now July is being looked at and that will be based on the state and local regulations that will be coming out soon. There are many things that will need to be changed in order to have a safe and fun event. We are looking into those at this time to be sure that if the group size is upgraded that we follow the rules to make everyone safe.

   The Fathers Day Car Show scheduled for June 21st in Westerly has been canceled. SCMC members and friends have attended this show the last couple of years in support of member Cal Lord who puts on the event at his church in Westerly. It was a hard call for him to make and SCMC will be there for him next year to see it happen again. Also the 10th Annual Karz on the Flats Car Show scheduled for October 4th has been canceled. This event has become very successful and draws a huge crowd that at this time would be hard to manage safely and the crowd limit might not allow the event to happen. We will resume this again next year.

   We are all in this together and we will get through this just be patient. Please if you do attend some kind of event that someone is putting on, as an SCMC member follow state and local guidelines and help keep the SCMC reputation intact as you have all worked hard to get us were we are today.

Stay safe stay healthy



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